About us

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APIs are in our DNA!

Apite is the latin imperative for connect! It’s no coincidence that our company name starts with API… We have 10+ years experience in web development, mobile and eCommerce.

Since 2010 our team works together on great challenges of our clients.

Our project managers, UI & UX designers, developers and software architects are crafting concepts and convert them into solutions, so our clients can focus on their core business – selling goods across all channels.

But what makes us special?

Most agencies are focussing on one or a very small amount of technologies and always build their solutions based on the same context.

With over a decade of broad experience in web development, mobile and eCommerce we successfully finished projects using a lot of different technologies that are always best to fit in context. Thus we deliver solutions that are build exactly for you!

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Super Efficient

With over a decade of experience we always deliver on time!

Deeply Commited

For our clients success we don't just do what is easy, we do what is right!

Highly Skilled

Our senior full stack developers always pick the technology that fits you best!

Our Team

Alexander Wesselburg

Senior Developer


Senior Developer

Stephan Recknagel

CEO & Software Engineer

Konstantin Kiritsenko

Software Engineer & Architect @ Component K Corp


Software Developer & Operations